Black History Month: Basketball meets Street Photography with Raheim Simon


Bronx native Raheim Simon was behind the glass as we celebrated Black History Month on Tuesday, February 26 against the Orlando Magic at The Garden. Here’s Raheim’s New York City story.

 “NYC & basketball is like energy for my soul. It gives me my ambition & motivation. Inspiration & passion.

 Wherever I go, I take the love for my city & the love for the game with me. When I think of NYC, I think of the streets. The hustle. The grind.

 New Yorkers are as hard as the concrete we step on. That’s what has helped me to train my photographic eye. Capturing all the grit of the city. The same way the Knicks play.

 We go through hard times but every game we believe we have a chance to win.

 When you fall, you get back up.

That’s the New York attitude.